Soil Products

Premium Dairy

This compost is rough dairy compost.  It is ideal for new lawns that will be tilled.  It is the least expensive solution to amend soil for a new lawn.


Nature’s Own Compost

This is fully matured and composted dairy manure.  It is great for prepping soil for new lawns as well as amending the soil of a garden.  The composting process brings down the Ph and salt levels to a neutral and safe level for planting.  This compost can also be used as a top dresser for existing lawns.


Canyon/Aspen Rich Compost

Canyon compost consists of poultry compost blended with brush fines.  This product makes for a great soil amendment, either for your gardens or for supporting the application of sod, permitting that this compost is tilled into the existing soil at a minimum of 4”- 6” deep.


High Plains Compost

This is fully matured and composted poultry manure.  It is good for prepping soil for sod or seed.  Like the Premium Dairy this compost must be tilled into the existing soil.


Planter’s Mix

This soil is a blend of three different products.  75% of the soil is made up of pure screened topsoil. 12.5% of the blend is matured compost, and 12.5% is decomposed bark.  Planter’s Mix is perfect for gardens both flower and vegetable.


Nursery Mix

This is a dirt free soil product.  It consists of a three way blend of soil pep (decomposed bark), peat moss, and compost.  Nursery Mix works well for container gardening.


50/50 Mix

This soil amendment is made up of 50% Premium Dairy (unfinished compost) and 50% brush fines.  This amendment works great for clay soils.


Soil Pep

This product consists of a decomposing bark that works great as a soil amendment for clay soils.  This product provides soil structure and water retention.


Rough Topsoil

This soil is unscreened topsoil that does contain some rock.  The main composition of this soil is a sandy Lomb.  This soil works great for clean fill dirt or to level areas where existing vegetation may be, because this soil does contain some nutrients.


Screened Topsoil

This product is screened topsoil that is run through a 3/8” screen.  This soil works great for filling in or leveling areas that have existing vegetation, because of the nutrients that are in this soil.


Amended Topsoil

This soil is a blend of compost and topsoil.  70% of the blend is made up of pure screened topsoil, the other 30% is matured compost.  This soil is great for prepping for sod or seed.


Peat Moss

This product is pure Peat Moss with no additives.  Peat Moss works great for water retention.


Fill Dirt

Fill Dirt is great for filling holes, or building a berm.




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